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Earthian Folk Dance @Automata

In Residence: January 21-27, 2019
in collaboration with Rayven Armijo, Chantal Cherry, and Gabriel E. Jimenez
Work-in-progress showing: Sunday 1/27 at 2:30 PM

The Earthian Folk Dance is a communal dance activity or play created and performed by Earthians. This new project starts from the intersection of my on-going investigations—redefining the principles and methods of Korean folk dance and exploring physical reconciliation of intercultural bodies. Through this project, I aim to develop contemporary tactics of organizing repeatable steps and rhythmic movements, which are accessible to bodies of diverse backgrounds. I also seek to invent movement tasks that require the communal effort to fulfill. EFD strives for sharable fun in dance evoked by communal, physical excitement while accomplishing the joint tasks. EFD also challenges hyper-individuality of post-modern choreographies and hyper-cultural-representation of traditional folk dances, questioning the cultural and somatic identity of each participant. EFD celebrates team spirit and bodily exhilaration, which can potentially take the group dance even to virtuosity. 

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