Photo by Ella Gabriel

Photo by Ella Gabriel

About Daeun Jung

Daeun Jung is a dance maker, dancer, and dance teacher. Rooted in Korean dance/cultural background, Daeun’s work reveals her past and present body memories. Her works have been presented at art/community venues including Electric Lodge, Highways, REDCAT and the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles. 

Daeun redefines the principles and movement vocabulary of Korean folk dance in inter/multi-cultural settings as a continuation of her graduate study at UCLA World Arts and Cultures/Dance Department where she received her MFA in choreography and Westfield Emerging Artist Award.

Previously, she collaborated with Haemil, an LA-based cross-cultural music band, as a choreographer/dancer and janggu player. In Korea, she had worked as a dancer of Gyeonggi Provincial Dance Company, an internationally renowned dance organization for its traditional/contemporary Korean dance repertoire and performed for Tokebi Storm, a rhythmic performance group presenting more than 1,000 shows of Korean-style rhythm and dance to worldwide audiences.

Having six years of specialized training in dance through Gugak National Arts Middle and High School, she obtained a BA in dance and minor in Korean Literature from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea.